Monday, March 25, 2013

It's not Starbucks coffee, but the feeling is the same

We have all heard about or experienced that great feeling that people get when they go into their favorite starbucks and the barista already knows their order, has it ready and calls them by name.  The coffee is pretty good, but there has to be more.  I have no idea what it is or if my daily stop for my "feel good" moment of recognition even qualifies but either way, I'm loving the way I feel when I drive through my favorite McDonald's every morning for my Diet Dr. Pepper.   My husband continues to ask me why I feel compelled to stop at McDonald's every morning to pay a dollar for a drink when we can purchase a 2 liter that would last for several days.  I don't have an answer except that it makes me a teeny bit happy.  The nice lady at the drive thru doesn't know my name, and I don't know hers, but we meet daily and she knows that I'm the diet Dr. Pepper lady who always confirms that the drink is in fact a diet Dr. Pepper.  That's another issue altogether.  They accidentally gave me a regular Dr. Pepper once about 8 months ago and well let's say that the drink confirmation has become a part of the ritual (totally my issue).  I really need to find out the names of the two ladies who are always working at the drive thru, because they are always courteous and friendly.  I should also mention that they don't give me dirty looks when I'm wearing my huge pink robe, my creepy man pajamas, or whatever other crazy yet very modest sleep apparel that I am wearing when I make my daily stop.